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The two main types of LCD trigger throttles are the EYE throttle and QS-S4 throttle. Presets that should not be adjusted are battery voltage, battery voltage protection, motor magnets, and automatic scooter voltage shut-down.



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Frame High strength aluminum alloy 6061, surface paint
Forking forks One forming front fork and rear fork
Electric machinery 11 “72V 15000W brushless toothed high speed motor
Controller 72V 100SAH*2 tube vector sinusoidal brushless controller (mini type)
Battery 72V 70AH-85AH module lithium battery (Tian energy 21700)
Meter LCD speed, temperature, power display and fault display
GPS Location and telecontrol alarm
Braking system After one disc, does not contain harmful substance, in compliance with international environmental requirements
Brake handle Forging brake of aluminum alloy with power breaking function
Tyre ZhengXin tire 13 inch
Headlight LED lenticular bright headlights and driving lights
Maximum speed 110-130km
Extension mileage 115-120km
Motor 7500watt per piece
Wheel 13 inch
Net weight and gross weight 54kg/63kg
Product size L* w* h: 1300*560*1030 (mm)
Packaging size L* w* h: 1330*320*780 (mm)

Is electric scooter legal in India? Yes, 16 years old can ride an electric scooter that has a top speed of 25 kmph or powered by a 250W motor because it does not fall in the motor vehicle category. The cost of converting a normal scooter to electric broadly depends on the electric hub motor conversion kit. Yes, Electric scooters are legal in India, and the government is also giving subsidies to electric vehicles. Are ebike conversion kits worth it? How much does it cost to convert normal scooter to electric? If you want to get rid of petrol and can manage the average top speed then you should buy the bike conversion kits. But before buying, check whether the kit is genuine and efficient. On average, it costs around Rs 20000 to Rs 25000 for converting old petrol scooter to electric. But we recommend everyone to wear a helmet while riding bikes and scooters. Can 16 year old ride electric scooter? The electric scooters which have a top speed of 25 kmph and powered by a 250W motor do not fall in the motor vehicle category that’s why they don’t require a license and helmet to ride. As compared to buying a new electric scooter or bike, converting it to electric is much cheaper and worth it.
Which p-settings should I change as a beginner scooter rider? The kick-to-start feature requires that you kick the scooter up to at least 1-1.5 mph before you can engage the throttle. Cruise control automatically turns on and maintains your speed after holding the throttle for 5-8 seconds, which can be jarring if you’re just getting used to accelerating and braking. If you are mechanically inclined and understand how adjusting the values alters the performance of your scooter, you can make changes to the P-settings – but should do so with expert guidance and caution. What happens if I adjust the features that are labeled “do not adjust”? In general, those values are set specifically for each scooter model and should not be adjusted, as it will change the scooter’s configuration. Depending on the power and configuration of your scooter, sudden acceleration can take some getting used to. Learn more beginner tips in our scooter riding guide. For example, if the setting for the wheel diameter is incorrectly programmed, the speedometer will be configured incorrectly and will not display accurate speed. If you’re just getting comfortable riding an electric scooter, we recommend disabling cruise control and enabling kick-to-start. For the EYE LCD throttle, there are a number of preset values without explanation, so you may need to reach out to the manufacturer for more explanation before retooling.
These presets affect how the motor and battery are calibrated and should not be adjusted unless you understand the functions. These USB ports are typically very limited in the amount of current they can output, and we don’t recommend using them for charging external devices, as they are mostly intended for flashing the LCD. Ordinarily, instructions for how to access P-settings and adjust designated features are included in the scooter instruction manual. Some sellers and scooter riders on reddit have reported malfunctioning LCDs and/or throttles after plugging in a mobile phone. Manufacturers often skip using some P-setting positions, so there may be 20 positions available but only 14 have programmed settings. P-settings allow scooter riders to customize their ride. Other common P-settings for electric scooters include electronic brake strength, LCD brightness, auto-off time, and wheel diameter. Pro tip: Many LCD throttles include a USB port on the back of the display that provides low-voltage charging.
Currus scooters, Minimotors scooters, and the Kaabo Wolf Warrior use an EYE throttle and have 14 identical P-settings. 3. Use the Mode button to toggle through and select P-settings. 1. Power on your scooter. 2. Long press the Mode button (3 seconds) to get to the P-setting menu. 5. To save settings, allow LCD display to timeout (3 seconds) or long press Mode to exit the P-setting menu. 4. Use the Multifunction button (❍) to adjust values. With the EYE throttle, some P-settings are lettered. Previous versions of the QS-S4 finger throttle include the TF-100 and LF-100 finger throttles, which some manufacturers explain cannot be interchanged with the QS-S4 throttle. All standard P-settings for EYE LCD finger throttles are in the EYE LCD Throttle P-settings table. For more information on the QS-S4, including error codes and trouble shooting, see our complete technical manual. There are three buttons on the EYE LCD display: Mode, Power, and Setting/Multifunction (❍). Nanrobot, Turbowheel, and Zero.
Joyor provides scooter user manuals and P-setting instructions on their website. Where can I find p-settings for my electric scooter? If you have an electric scooter with a programmable LCD throttle and P-setting instructions that’s not covered in this article, please share with us and we’ll update our database. Most manufacturers provide the programming instructions and p-settings for electric scooters in the user manual. If they are not provided by the scooter manufacturer, sellers often include a webpage detailing how to access and adjust p-settings on their website. P-setting instructions for the FLJ, Qiewa and Weped are less detailed and available online. You can also check the manufacturer’s and seller’s pages for the scooter, search on reddit, check out Youtube tutorials, and try community forums for p-setting guidance. If programmed settings are not included in your e-scooter instruction manual, try reaching out to the manufacturer if you need more guidance.
Not including the Wolf Warrior 11 which has an EYE throttle. 1. Power on your scooter. Each brand uses standard P-settings across all of their scooters and most brands include the same programmed features, but the order of the P-settings varies. 4. Press the Power button to select the P-setting to adjust. Other brands that also use the QS-S4 throttle include FLJ, Joyor, Qiewa, and Weped. 3. Use the Mode button to toggle through P-settings. Power buttons (3-5 seconds) to access the P-setting menu. Nanrobot scooters use the same standard P-settings in the same order, detailed in the table below. There are two buttons on the QS-S4 throttle: Power and Mode. Kaabo electric scooters include three additional P-settings, and some models of the base Kaabo Mantis require a code to access the advanced menu. 5. Press Mode button to increase the value, and Power button to decrease the value. Not including the Wolf Warrior 11 which has an EYE-throttle. Power buttons to exit the menu.
The P-setting database for electric scooters includes programming presets for all scooters from the scooter database that have an EYE trigger throttle or QS-S4 trigger throttle. Electric scooters most often include 10 to 15 P-settings, including some presets which should not be adjusted. To access P-settings, you use the available buttons on the dashboard to get to the menu, toggle through features, and adjust values up and down. Contact us for corrections or additions! Learn how to access P-settings for LCD finger throttles, which you can adjust, and which presets you should not mess with. Change p-settings at your own risk; data is based on manufacturer’s data but there are no guarantees of accuracy. Disclaimer: This P-settings database is currently in beta. The two main types of LCD trigger throttles are the EYE throttle and QS-S4 throttle. Presets that should not be adjusted are battery voltage, battery voltage protection, motor magnets, and automatic scooter voltage shut-down.
If possible, choose an electric scooter with suspension over one without it. Some scooters will have big pneumatic tires that will act as suspension, and that’s the primary reason why many pneumatic tire scooters don’t have suspension. Avoid buying a solid-tire scooter without suspension. But they are still not perfect.Unstable rides are even a bigger problem in scooters with solid wheels. Solid-tire scooters, on the other hand, almost always have at least some form of suspension, because otherwise the ride quality would be very poor.Electric scooters have come a long way in terms of increasing the comfort of their rides. Even the average scooter today provides a ride without vibration and shaking for the most part. Even the most basic suspension system will make your rides much more comfortable, but it will also increase the safety of the scooter because of the added stability, and increase its lifespan because of less shock damage.
Quite expensive, but not so much when you consider it is likely the best off-road scooter, and also has a brilliant suspension system coming with it. Also, don’t forget to use the coupon code escooternerds for a 7% discount! Qiewa builds some truly high-performing scooters. In the last few months, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior has been available on Voromotors, and for a much lower price than what you would find elsewhere. Check out my review of the Kaabo Wolf Warrior if you’re interested in this scooter.Where to buy the Kaabo Wolf Warrior from? As usual, ordering from Voromotors means stellar customer support, free delivery in many countries including the US, and a shipping period of just a few days. That makes it the record holder in the category of electric scooters for heavy adults.The Qiewa Q Power is one of the rare combinations of a great carrying scooter with awesome suspension systems, that will also not cost you an arm and a leg. All of its models have an extra emphasis on carrying heavy loads.Qiewa’s champion and flagship model, the Qiewa Q Power, can carry as much as 300 kilograms on its deck.

You can see the full review of it here if you want to find out more.Where to buy the Inokim OXO from? The best place to get it from will usually be Fluid Free Ride. It provides the lowest costs from all merchants, both on the original price and in shipping costs. Their scooters often offer very solid performance overall, formidable quality and durability, long ranges and high top speeds, and often cost half or less than what you would expect a scooter with those specs to cost.The Kugoo G-Booster is one of their most powerful scooters. When it comes to bang-for-buck, few brands can compete with Kugoo. In fact, for the US and Canada, shipping will most likely be free, or very cheap, and you will get your scooter within 3-5 business days. For other countries, there might be a shipping fee, and delivery time might be longer. The Inokim OXO is a very popular power scooter, but only a handful of trusted stores frequently have it in stock.

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Weight 65 kg
Dimensions 134 × 45 × 55 cm

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Brand: OEM/ODM/Haibadz
Min.Order Quantity: 1 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 3000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port: Shenzhen/GuangZhou
Payment Terms: T/T/,L/C,PAYPAL,D/A,D/P
1piece price:1794usd per piece
10piece price:1705usd per piece


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